MoMo's Story

Hello, my name is “MoMo.” I used to live with my Dad and my brother until my owner got severely ill and could not take care of us anymore. My owner was going to turn all of us over to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter located in Clarksville, Tennessee.

My Dad had a skin problem and I am blind, so our odds of getting out of Animal Control alive were slim to none. So this wonderful rescue named “Humane Society of Dover-Stewart County” took us into their program in hopes of getting us better and finding us a new home.

My Dad, “Diego,” is a teacup Yorkie. He got his skin problem healed up and then he was adopted by a wonderful family from Arkansas. 

My brother is Yorkie-Poodle mix. His name is “Honey.” Honey only needed a nice groom. See his before and after pictures to see how cute he looks after his bath and groom. Honey was promptly adopted by a family in Clarksville, Tennessee. 

The Humane Society has tried to adopt me out on for a long time, but sadly it seems like no one wants to adopt a blind dog. In reality, I can get around very well with my very keen sense of smell.

The Society then tried to ask for donations to help pay for my cataract surgery. The Society usually does very well in raising money for gravely ill dogs to save their lives. Sadly it seemed like no one was interested in donating money for a blind dog’s cataract surgery. By the way, the surgery is very expensive, over $3,000 for both eyes.

Then I got really lucky! A really nice man who LOVES animals decided to help me out. His name is Brett Story and he used to write a wonderful column in the Clarksville Leaf Chronicle called Dogwood. Can you believe it? He wrote a children’s book about me called MoMo's Miracles. He even created beautiful colored illustrations.

The Humane Society compiled the book and sent it off to a publisher. They ordered 150 books. When all 150 book are sold for $15 each, they will have raised enough money to get surgery done on one eye. Heck, I know I will be happy to see, even if it is just out of one eye.

You may have purchased a book if you are on this website reading this story about me. I am so happy that everyone loves me enough to help me see again, even if it is just out of one eye.

Stayed tuned to this website. I’m being told that it will be updated when I get my surgery. My first visit with the eye specialist (from Nashville) is scheduled for June 3.

Thank you so much for caring about me.
Love, MoMo

P.S. Click Here for an update on the first stage of MoMo's eye surgery