Humane Society of Dover - Lost & Found

More Ideas for Finding or Reporting Lost Pets

Dover - Stewart County TN

Use our Lost and Found Form and we will post your information on our Humane Society Facebook page. We have many friends and your information will be seen by many people who are willing to help.

Put your lost pet on your Facebook page and ask all of your friends to cross post & share your posting.

KNOCK ON YOUR NEIGHBORS DOORS & ask them to please check their sheds, garages, or separate storage facilities for lost pets or to see if they've lost the pet that you've found. Animals have regularly & accidentally been locked in a neighbors’ sheds, garages, etc...

Place a Free Craig's List Ad - Place an ad in both the "Lost and Found" section AND in the "Pets" section.

Place a Free Lost Pet Ad on

Post Flyers on your neighbors’ mailboxes, at the closest grocery store, convenience store, post office, busy restaurant, stop signs, light poles and other places that will get noticed (and please do so safely) etc...

Get a Free Lost Pet Flyer

Dover - Stewart County TN

Get your free lost pet poster here:

The Poster includes critical information

• Dog’s Name
•Phone Number (LARGE type)
•A picture or clip art of the dog – or his breed, a color description, and a phone number.
•Amount of the Reward

The reward field is optional but highly recommended. Adding a reward for a lost dog increases the chances that a dog is returned. It’s an incentive for people driving in the area to keep an eye out for the dog. It gives people an extra reason to remember what the breed / color of the dog was and to glance down streets as they pass by.

NOTE: This poster can also be used for lost cats!